Welcome to the nomination form of the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards 2023

The Australian Muslim Achievement Awards (AMAA), hosted annually by Mission of Hope, aim to acknowledge and celebrate our respected community’s individuals and professional leaders from across the corporate, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

The AMAA has established itself as a much-anticipated and well-respected annual awards event. We are now in our 16th year and we are excited to be hosting this year’s event in Melbourne this December.

Example of Nomination:

When submitting a nomination, the submissions should be detailed as per this example nomination.

1. The nominee espouses a character of high integrity and identifies as Muslim:

🌟 Kareema Abdul-Razaq is no stranger to the Melbourne Muslim community. She is well-loved and admired by her peers, community, and is known for her commitment to serving her local Somali community having built trust fostering an open and supportive community environment.

🌟 Kareema practices and encourages open and communication and displays an ethical approach to her community service. She is conscious of her public standing and representative role of the Somali community whilst also showing leadership for the wider Muslim community.

2. Explain how the nominee fulfils the criteria for the selected award category.

🌟 Kareema Abdul-Razaq, as a community services worker, has made a measurable impact for over 10 years as a dedicated and committed advocate for individuals struggling and afflicted with cancer, especially in Melbourne’s Muslim communities. Her contribution to the community with respect to her services in food distribution to disadvantaged families has been ongoing for over three years and more recently she has been coordinating and leading food distribution packs to the families inside the towers under Stage 4 restrictions. She has campaigned and raised over $150,000 in donations in the last year to assist the families to access emergency assistance items whilst under lockdown restrictions. Notwithstanding, her leading by example has encouraged thousands and thousands of other financial contributions to similar causes. She also set up a group online chat functionality so that families inside the towers could communicate more quickly and easily.

🌟 Kareema is articulate and so her media contributions in highlighting the struggles of her community in this difficult socio-political landscape have been exemplary.

🌟 Kareema was awarded the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Community Service and she was featured in the popular magazine as a feature for her work and contributions to vulnerable communities in Melbourne.

🌟 Kareema has been a keynote speaker at various mainstream and Muslim community events and her contributions become all the more impressive when you consider her family commitments and her own personal challenges that she has experienced over the last few years. Kareema has been open about her personal struggles keeping a very open and active social media page to raise awareness of her struggles whilst encouraging others to serve the community, and she does this inspirationally with passionate dedication.

3. Nominees are encouraged to include supporting material such as online articles, links, and YouTube clips to show evidence for their nominations.

🌟 Kareema’s achievements and the wider effects she has on those around her deserve honour or recognition and that will convince a selection panel to consider your nominee. For more examples of strong evidences, visit these websites:

1. www.1

2. www.2

3. www.3

Nominations Are Closed!

Nominations closd 11:59pm, 30th September 2023.

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